Class Phalcon\Crypt

implements Phalcon\CryptInterface

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Provides encryption facilities to phalcon applications


$crypt = new \Phalcon\Crypt();

$key  = "le password";
$text = "This is a secret text";

$encrypted = $crypt->encrypt($text, $key);

echo $crypt->decrypt($encrypted, $key);


integer PADDING_ANSI_X_923


integer PADDING_ISO_10126

integer PADDING_ISO_IEC_7816_4






string $_key;

integer $_padding = 0;

string $_cipher = “aes-256-cfb”;

array $availableCiphers;

Available cipher methods.

integer $ivLength = 16; The cipher iv length.

string $hashAlgo = “sha256”;

The name of hashing algorithm.

boolean $useSigning = false; Whether calculating message digest enabled or not NOTE: This feature will be enabled by default in Phalcon 4.0.0



public __construct(string $cipher = “aes-256-cfb”, boolean $useSigning = false)

Class constructor. Allows the user to set the algorithm used to calculate a digest of the message (signing) and to force signing or not.

public decrypt (mixed $text [, mixed $key = null]): string

Decrypts an encrypted text

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Mismatch


$encrypted = $crypt->decrypt(

public decryptBase64 (string $text [,mixed $key = null [,boolean $safe = false]]): string

Decrypt a text that is coded as a base64 string

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Mismatch

public encrypt (mixed $text [, mixed $key = null]): string

Encrypts a text


$encrypted = $crypt->encrypt(
    "Top secret",

public encryptBase64 (string $text [,mixed $key = null [,boolean $safe = false]]): string

Encrypts a text returning the result as a base64 string

public getAvailableCiphers (): array

Returns a list of available ciphers

public getAvailableHashAlgos (): array

Return a list of registered hashing algorithms suitable for hash_hmac.

public getCipher ()

Returns the current cipher

public getHashAlgo (): string

Return the name of hashing algorithm.

public getKey (): string

Returns the encryption key

public setCipher (mixed $cipher): Phalcon\Crypt

Sets the cipher algorithm for data encryption and decryption. The aes-256-gcm is the preferable cipher, but it is not usable until the openssl library is upgraded, which is available in PHP 7.1. The aes-256-ctr is arguably the best choice for cipher algorithm for current openssl library version.

Throws: Phalcon\Crypt\Exception

public setHashAlgo (string $hashAlgo): Phalcon\Crypt

Set the name of hashing algorithm to calculate the message digest. Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Exception if the algorithm is not supported by the system

public setKey (mixed $key): Phalcon\Crypt

Sets the encryption key. The $key should have been previously generated in a cryptographically safe way.

Bad key: le password

Better (but still unsafe): #1dj8$=dp?.ak//j1V$~%*0X

Good key: T4\xb1\x8d\xa9\x98\x05\\x8c\xbe\x1d\x07&[\x99\x18\xa4~Lc1\xbeW\xb3

See also: : Phalcon\Security\Random

public setPadding (mixed $scheme): Phalcon\Crypt

Changes the padding scheme used

public useSigning (boolean $useSigning): Phalcon\Crypt

Sets if the calculating message digest must used (signing). NOTE: This feature will be enabled by default in Phalcon 4.0.0 or greater


protected _cryptPadText (mixed $text, mixed $mode, mixed $blockSize, mixed $paddingType)

Pads texts before encryption.


protected _cryptUnpadText (mixed $text, mixed $mode, mixed $blockSize, mixed $paddingType)

Removes a padding from a text. If the function detects that the text was not padded, it will return it unmodified

Type Name Description
string $text Message to be unpadded
string $mode Encryption mode; unpadding is applied only in CBC or ECB mode
int $blockSize Cipher block size
int $paddingType Padding scheme

protected assertCipherIsAvailable (string $cipher)

Assert the cipher is available.

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Exception

protected assertHashAlgorithmAvailable (string $hashAlgo)

Assert the hash algorithm is available.

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Exception

protected getIvLength (string $cipher): int

Initialize available cipher algorithms.

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Exception

protected initializeAvailableCiphers ()

Initialize available cipher algorithms.

Throws Phalcon\Crypt\Exception